A summary of Kimi’s 2003 F1 season by “Formula 1 Yearbook, 2003-04”

“Through the magic of the new points allocation system, he was Michael Schumacher’s only rival come the final race, even though he only had that one win in Sepang, back in March. It was the first of his career, followed by his pole position at the Nurburgring, but none of this seemed to move him. His temperament meant he was never really disappointed, nor was he ever ecstatic. In fact, the Ice Man made his compatriot and predecessor at McLaren, Mika Hakkinen seem like an over-emotional extrovert. Raikkonen still lacks a perfect understanding of the technical nuances of the sport and, although capable of beating him on the track, he still relies on David Coulthard, who helped him have a great season.”

Formula 1 Yearbook, 2003-04, Luc Domenjoz (Page 26)- A summary reviewing Kimi Raikkonen’s 2003 F1 season with McLaren-Mercedes driving MP4-17D


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