Lewis Hamilton (7): Flatspotted his supersofts and pitted for softs on lap 22. Right place at the right time with Vettel’s lock-up and Bottas’ puncture.

Kimi Raikkonen (7): Flatspotted his last supersofts in Q2, bottled his Q3 lap and 50/50 collision with Ocon on lap 1. Struggled with tyre temps for soft compounds, but got lucky with the Red Bull pile-up and further incidents.

Sergio Perez (9): Earlier incident saw him docked 5 extra seconds at his first pit stop. Stayed out of trouble on a difficult track with cold brake & tyre temps and well-deserved with an average car.

Sebastian Vettel (7): Dominated most of the race until his first pit stop. Afterwards struggled with softs from lap 30-40 and lost time to Bottas. Lock-up at restart threw away his good work.

Carlos Sainz (8): Spectacular early stint on Ultrasofts launched him ahead of the Red Bulls before a steady 25 lap stint on softs. Profited from the woes of others.

Charles LeClerc (10): A tough baptism of fire to his welcome to F1 in first 3 races. Fought well with Stroll & Raikkonen. Consistent laps with both supersofts and softs. Brilliant restart on a day where he did not put a foot wrong DRIVER OF THE DAY!!!!

Fernando Alonso (9): Stumbled to the pits with two (!) punctured tyres. How on earth he dragged a recalcitrant with significant floor damage to P7 is beyond me. The best driver in

Lance Stroll (8) Much-need improvement with good passes and defending

Stoffel Vandoorne (6): Average race. Good two points however

Brendon Hartley (5): First point in . However, the incident in Q1 with Gasly was a blot in his copybook

Marcus Ericsson (5) Flatspotted his softs, so he required two extra stints of ultrasofts

Pierre Gasly (5) Poor weekend exacerbated by colliding with Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen (3) The Dane returned back to his roadman antics. No pace all weekend

Valtteri Bottas (9) Monster 40-lap stint on supersofts and lost little time. His race was there to win until lap 49. 💔

Romain Grosjean (5) Strong race to P8 after P20 start, but inexplicably binned it behind the safety car. Yet another mistake, unacceptable. REJECT OF THE DAY

Max Verstappen (5) Daniel Ricciardo (5) Both at fault: Verstappen jinked to the right before going to the left before braking zone. Ricciardo tried to do his usual act of outsmarting his opponent. The Red Bull Junior Program is a pressure oven on steroids

Nico Hulkenberg (5) 2nd year at where a chance at a podium evaporates from a self-inflicted error

Esteban Ocon (n/a) Unnecessary to squeeze to Kimi on lap 1. He’ll learn.

Sergey Sirotkin (n/a) Three Grid Penalty for Spain thanks to lap 1 antics. Kubica anyone?