2021 Azerbaijan GP CRYSTAL SCORE

Perez 9
Gasly 9
Leclerc 8.5
Norris 8
Alonso 9
Tsunoda 8
Sainz 6.5
Ricciardo 6
Raikkonen 8

Giovinazzi 7
Schumacher 5
Mazepin 4
Hamilton 5
Latifi 7
Russell 7

Verstappen 9.5
Stroll 8
Ocon 6

Verstappen 9.5/9.5/8.5/9/9.5/9.5= 55.5/6= 9.25
Norris 10/9.5/9.5/7/9.5/8= 53.5/6= 8.92
Leclerc 9/9/9/10/5/8.5= 50.5/6= 8.42
Ocon 8/8/9/10/9/6= 50/6= 8.33
Giovinazzi 8/8/9/7/8.5/7= 47.5/6= 7.92
Stroll 8.5/8.5/5/8.5/8/8= 46.5/6= 7.75
Gasly 3/8/7.5/9/9.5/9= 46/6= 7.67
Russell 9/5/8/9/8/7= 46/6= 7.67
Hamilton 10/8/10/9/4/5= 46/6= 7.67
Sainz 7.5/8/7/7.5/9/6.5= 45.5/6= 7.58

Perez 9/5/8/5/8.5/9= 44.5/6= 7.42
Raikkonen 8.5/9/3/9/7/8= 44.5/6= 7.42
Vettel 4/7/6/7/10/10= 44/6= 7.33
Alonso 9/7/8/5/5/9= 43/6= 7.17
Schumacher 9/8/8.5/8/4/5= 42.5/6= 7.08
Ricciardo 8/7/7/9/3/6= 40/6= 6.67
Bottas 8/3/8/7/8/2= 36/6= 6
Latifi 6/3/5/7/7.5/7= 35.5/6= 5.92
Tsunoda 9/4/5/4/3/8= 33/6= 5.5
Mazepin 1/6/4/5/6/4= 26/6= 4.33

Pawns in the Game

There’s a reason why I named this article “Pawns in the Game”- because the truth is 99.9% of the world’s population are minions. Even your big, famous celebrities (like the two world champions in the picture above) are pawns in political and business matters, when push comes to shove.

To preface this article, I am personally more concerned with foreign affairs, whilst a lot of certain Twitter users I will be criticising are those more concerned with domestic and social issues- something I will explain gradually throughout this article about my way of viewing the world.

I’ve come to hate what I see as new, modern form of Western leftist “imperialism”- one where Western nations (USA & UK in particular) self-project their history, their values and their current problems upon the rest of the world. The type of self-projection where Western leftists (and conservatives at times) try to export their view of the world and their sensitivities upon nations who differ in their approach to life. The type of attitude which demands everyone else to preach the same level of “tolerance” and extol the virtues of the values related to said tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism. In addition, they’ll pride themselves endlessly on celebrating these values and rate their own countries upon how well they stack up according to progressive standards.

Social media plays a huge role in this. Twitter has become a hate generating machine, where getting retweets and likes for what people perceive to be an injustice gets promoted heavily via the algorithm, whilst other tweets perceived as offensive (even if those tweets come from those who regard themselves as leftists) get deplatformed, silenced or get deleted. I believe Jack Dorsey to be an opportunist and a questionable man who allowed his company to gamify human interaction (in the same way Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook), where certain users exploit the platform to extol how virtuous and woke they are. However, many don’t seem to realise they’ve created an echo chamber for themselves, where anyone with opposing or heretic views get shut down and dogpiled. In some extreme cases, users might get stalked and have their personal details leaked, causing them to lose their jobs and homes.

At this point, I see progressivism having morphed into the religion of woke. In this rejection of Christianity and having worked through Enlightenment, anti-racism/homophobia/trans/sexism has transformed itself in a huge purity spiral. In this world, everyone is racist, sexist, homophobic, whatever- no-one can innocent of these sins and it has worked like a witch hunt- instead of chasing witches, it’s targeting anyone perceived to be a conservative, even those who self-proclaim to be a progressive fanatic. In short, it’s the Oppression Olympics, where victimhood is a valuable currency on social media. If anything, I see the Progressive Left as being somewhat similar to the Religious Right of yesteryear in terms of endless morality preaching and black-and-white thinking.

What irritates me the most is when an user gets offended on behalf of another group, when barely anyone from that group was offended or was not even aware of a certain action happening. Take Carlos Sainz’s joke about a Chinese restaurant for a sponsor- as a person of Chinese descent myself, I genuinely couldn’t give a shit about it because I could see it for what it was- a very shit tasteless joke made by a rich bloke with no social skills and little worldliness because he spends 95% of his time thinking about how to be a better F1 driver. In short, most F1 drivers are laser-focused in their ambitions of being a world champion, so their capacity for learning about world affairs is limited and they are restricted in what they can actually say by their employers and sponsors.

In addition, the outrage over his dad’s karting advert was obscene. Again, it was another attempt by Brits and Americans to make another culture share their collective guilt over colonialism, slavery and other historical brutal & inhumane acts towards various tribes. Now yes we can debate all day about what the Spanish did in their own past and how they should behave, but it does expose a lot of narcissism with the online F1 (and other) Twitter communities, where this desperate need to express their standing as a virtuous saviour came out again. I will admit to be surprised at seeing Sainz Sr allowing his PR team to release such an advert on an international platform such as Twitter, considering today’s turbulent cultural environment.

Sainz Sr’s advert was related to that of Three Kings Day celebration, where one of the Wise Men were either black or Moorish, so in regions of Spain lacking black people available they would get someone wear blackface to play one of the Wise Men. Of course, I know many question tradition and traditions don’t last forever, but the outrage was not even worth more than of a storm in a teacup. Frankly, I believe whether this celebration should continue is one for Latino & Hispanic people to consider, not outsiders such as myself.

Yes, I will apologise for my tweets around the whole Sainz karting advert because I was so fed up of witnessing another moral outrage crusade emerge and gave a sarcastic, blunt response. Just so, so bored of it now.

The fact is America has exported the way it sees society upon the rest of the world due to its own multicultural and multiethnic make-up. Clumping racial groups into “white”, “black”, “Hispanic”, “Asian” and “Other” is mildly amusing but somewhat farcically American too. It’s a dumb attempt to make certain ethnic groups share disparate cultures together- whilst western Europeans industrialised early and created large empires to collect resources due to their lack of land mass, eastern Europeans were enslaved by Ottomans and Russians, therefore living under servitude and having little impact on the non-European world. Yet both of them have to mark themselves down as “White” on a census form within the States- of course, collective form of identities have formed in various ways with this country, but it is somewhat superficial. In addition, the Finns, Swedes, Norwegians, Icelandic, Danish, Greeks & Irish had no (or very little) participation in the slave trade from my knowledge- again making this shared “White” identity somewhat ahistorical and slightly bogus. (Yes I know blacks have to mark themselves as African-American due to their slavery origins, therefore not knowing whereabout their exact origins are, but again this is another American-centric issue). And the labels of Asian & Hispanic are equally spurious, due to the vast diversity of peoples and ethnicities these labels encompass.

This modern American style of consumerism a.k.a. Woke Capitalism is incredibly irksome to say the least. It has succeeded to commodify everything in existence- turning human beings of all creeds into economic units and even selling Anti-Capitalism as a brand name. The neoliberals have repackaged social justice into a trendy supermarket brand for themselves to profit upon and the likes of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris exploited BLM and antifa to buy votes… until they won 2020 election, where the far-left vote became disposable.

On the topic of globalisation, I have no problem with people who enjoy living in cities such as Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Sydney, Paris, London, Berlin, Singapore and other multicultural metropolitan bubbles. But what I do despise is how urban types will chastise rural, village and suburban types for being more insular and parochial in their approach, not realising people having varying outlooks on life. Yes, I will admit to having mocked white rednecks and Little Englander type of characters in my lifespan, but demographical transformation has removed their sense of cultural and social security. Suddenly, many are working longer hours for stagnant wages in a rapidly evolving socio-economic climate, helped no less by the likes of the Clintons & Blairs (with Reagan and Thatcher having played a role in this too).

And it’s left my millennial generation in a debt trap, where property prices are way too high thanks to mortgage crisis and central bank mismanagement. But what irks me too is the emergence of the twitter profiles with their pronouns inserted trying to lecture people constantly and whacking passive-aggressive comments such as “If you defend this person who I think is a racist/sexist/whatever I will block you or you better unfollow me” before then typing something vacuous like “We need more kindness in the world” or “Mental Health matters”. 2021 Twitter timelines look like that of people suffering from bipolar depressive disorder (and some admit to doing so), but a lot of tweets work along this basis “Why doesn’t everyone think like we do?”.

What annoys me as well is how certain Twitter activists have tried to make Formula 1 a vehicle for social justice. This sport has been suffering from declining viewing numbers due to its move to pay TV in many nations, as well as Mercedes’ near-faultless domination of F1. F1 has never been a platform for activist causes because it is a beacon of decadence and opulence. It is nothing more than a glorified hobby for playboys, corporations and geeks like ourselves. As much as I loathe saying this, F1 will always be a niche dictated by trends from the outside world, not vice versa. Throughout F1’s history, it has raced in Spain under Franco’s fascist rule, South Africa under its apartheid regime, Las Vegas (I don’t even need to explain this lol) and of course today in nations such as Bahrain, UAE, China, Russia and many other places with poor attitudes to human rights.

As much as I would love to talk about how disgusted I am by what goes on these countries, I would be a hypocrite because I have spent most of my near 30 years only caring about the quality of racing these nations’ race circuits can provide (with the notable exception of China). And if I’m going to be truly honest, I don’t know all the details about the problems these nations have and I don’t think it is appropriate to do so on F1-related blogs.

Let me say this clearly: F1 is a business on every day that is not race day. The only reason why we know which certain drivers are unscrupulous characters is because social media exists. In the old days, womanising, gambling, drinking, smoking and general vices were the norm and no driver back then ever apologised for it. What Nikita Mazepin did was clearly abhorrent, but what shocks me is the audacity he had to film himself groping a woman’s breasts like he did on social media. The (lack of) action from the FIA and Haas should make everyone realise that F1’s #WeRaceAsOne is the biggest corporate sham ever. This whole moral grandstanding nonsense makes me nauseous and irritated because it gives the impression that the corporations running this sport are desperate silence critics by pulling off performative gimmicks such as kneeling and making drivers wear “End racism” shirts. Yet these critics still view F1 as the hegemon of ultra-capitalism, oligarchism and white supremacy.

As for the whole kneeling fiasco, there’s a reason certain drivers don’t kneel. Giovinazzi & Raikkonen drive for a team sponsored by Polish petroleum consortium Orlen (thanks to Kubica), who don’t want to irritate their Polish consumers who might oppose BLM. Kvyat is a Russian, whose own family has had rough dealings with gangsters and mobsters linked with Putin, so he doesn’t want to be excoriated by his own countrymen. Sainz (lol) & Leclerc are 2021 Ferrari drivers driving for a team seen as a beacon of right-wing Italian pride and nationalism. As for Magnussen (who suddenly changed his mind) and Verstappen, I’m not so sure, although I would not rule out influence from others such as unknown sponsors, family and friends. And we all know Putin’s golden spawn Nikita Mazepin would rather be found dead from being raped by butch bodybuilding lesbians than to bend down on one knee.

What are we witnessing is F1 having to deal with the outside world’s satellite culture wars and it’s no surprise that a sport infamous for its insularity is being exposed for being heavily divided. There is a massive conflict of interest amongst all parties involved and then there’s Lewis Hamilton. All I want to say is this: what if Lewis Hamilton suddenly decided he secretly opposed Black Lives Matters or at least criticised some of the ways they are spreading their message and their activism? As preposterous as some may find this, there might be a case for Lewis being forced to act under external coercion by his associates in regards to BLM. You need to consider this: what are the consequences that Lewis might face if he questioned BLM and their associates? Who will defend his liberty, personal security, free speech and freedom of association if he took an opposing stance?

What I am talking is the demise of critical thinking in the West, where black-and-white thinking is far more commonplace than ever, where there needs to a hero and a villian in newspieces and everyone gets distracted by petty identity politics, whilst the elites continue to concoct their agenda in silence.

And on the subject of China, it seems so many people treat it like some mysterious far-away land. On the subject of Hong Kong, a lot of protestors were smeared by leftists and communists online for waving old imperial flags plus the US and UK flags. It is somewhat hypocritical those who preach “human rights aren’t politics” to suddenly turn the other cheek when they see someone they believed to supporting the “oppressors”. So instead, a lot of those supporting Hong Kong have been right ring pundits & Trump supporters (although there is also support from other parts of the political spectrum).

Furthermore, I’ve witnessed some even dismiss Hong Kong’s protests as being the sole domain of China’s concerns, as if what China could do to Hong Kong isn’t something the Communist Party could do to the rest of the world. Hint: they are already infiltrating institutions behind your back, hijacking Hollywood films and funding western social justice causes for their benefit, not yours.

It really irks me to witness the rise of consumerism fuelled by cheap Chinese labour, where westerners buy cheap goods without any care for the actions of the Chinese Communist Party, who combine the worst of communism and capitalism to rise through the world economic and political hegemony. There are numerous Conficius Instititutes (brainwashing centres) throughout western countries, as well as debt laden “investment” projects installed by the CCP in Africa, the Pacific Islands, South America and even Eastern Europe (Serbia) that have appeared in the last 20 years. And it pisses me off when those who want manufacturing brought back to the West get called xenophobes (Made in America/Britain types)- there has been a shortage of medical supplies in certain nations during this pandemic due to most of these items being manufactured in China!

This is economic colonialism, plus there have been videos leaked online of CCP-backed businessmen openly making racial slurs against blacks inside Africa, as well as humiliating the local children and setting up variations of Confucius Institutes within Africa. This has allegedly left some locals to state that they believe the actions of the CCP to be worse than some of European colonial powers who departed the continent in recent times.

In addition, China holds an unproportionable amount of influence within unelected world organisations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum. China is now an economic superpower, although it does lack military might, but that hasn’t stopped Xi and his cronies attack the Indian borders, force international allies to rename the ocean surrounding Vietnam and the Philippines as the “South China Sea” and threaten an invasion of Taiwan.

As for the tiny island nation island of Taiwan (25 million people), it’s a country where the deposed Kuomintang (KMT)- the faction my family fought for in the Chinese Civil War- fled to after losing control to the Communists and took over. It’s a country with a decent level of prosperity, with a varying mix of Chinese, Japanese and Aboriginal cultures. Taiwan did have a seat at the UN council until 1971, where Communist China stole its seat, having successfully forced the UN to take on an “One China” policy. This came shortly before China successfully reclaimed Portuguese Macau (667,000 population) after mainland Portugal’s own 1974 Carnation Revolution.

In addition, China’s manufacturing needs to be questioned. It has fuelled a rise of fentanyl use, which has contributed to an increase of suicides and overdoses in the USA, it has dramatically increased the rise of CO2 emissions around its own nation and its neighbours such as both Koreas and Japan. It has also engaged in heavy levels of IP theft by mimicking Western products by slapping a fake label or name on it and even falsely won a legal case against a Japanese company for using the name “Meiji” (from my own sources).

Plus Communist China still refuses to come clean over what has really been going on with COVID-19 and its origins. Instead, there was yet another risible outcry from the F1 community when Valtteri Bottas made an innocuous joke over wishing someone hadn’t bought a bat from Wuhan. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the CCP is still imprisoning Uighurs and throwing Tibetans into slave labour camps.

In addition, China has been trialling social credit systems in order to incentivize their citizens to behave “correctly” or face massive punishments such as being banned from travelling and other civil infringements. It’s a hollow system of policing citizenry and it can surely only lead to further social disintegration, as well as China’s rapidly ageing population (caused by Mao’s whimsical child birthing policies- starting with encouraging large families and then subsequently enforcing the one-child policy).

This is the way I see the world in 2021: the West has entered a Second Cold War. Instead of fighting the Soviet Union, the European Eastern Bloc and allies such as Cuba & Venezuela, the West is now up against Russia, Iran & China (and their cohorts). Unfortunately for the West, there has been a severe decline in male testosterone and the response to tyrannical lockdowns has been weak and apathetic- allowing social media, Amazon and many corporations to prosper in a frightening way. In addition, the shutting down of small businesses thanks to lockdown laws and rioting caused by certain protests will hasten the arrival of Amazon-ran pubs and other ghastly new things.

And in my opinion, Hong Kong & Taiwan are now the Asian equivalent of Poland and Ukraine in World War 1 and 2. Macau is a conquered territory and it is the obedient lapdog of the Chinese Communist Party- Macau is a micro-colony with a lucrative gambling industry, where CCP members indulge themselves and commit money laundering on a wide scale. Plus Hong Kong has been exploited by CCP corporations to register their illegitimate products using the Hong Kong dollar, as well as Hong Kong’s reputation as a strong, trustworthy financial hub prior to its return to China in 1997.

And this how I see the end result: both USA and China break up into smaller nations- where somewhere between 10-40 new nations are formed. A lot of this will come along ethnic groups forming their own countries, whilst others may be disputed satellite states. The European Union collapse under its own in-fighting and bureaucracy (it needs to remembered it has signed a trade deal with China recently, who imprisoned 52 Hong Kong pro-democracy politicians on 6 January 2021 thanks to its bogus National Security Law).

Am I talking absolute bollocks?! Do you even want to believe a single word I say? Leave your thoughts down below.

But I’ll end with this: who funds our politicians? Who control our banks? Who are the people behind the United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the Bilderberg Group and other global consortiums? It would serve you well to research the people behind the curtains. *Coughs* Klaus Schwab & Tedros Adhanom

But if you don’t want to involved in this sort of politics, focus on self-improvement. Want to lose weight? Focus on eating healthily, exercising and having a reliable schedule with good sleep. Want to learn a new language? Want to a repair an old friendship? Want to seek advice for mental health issues? Want to learn a new skill? These are all good ideas to pursue whilst coping with the pandemic.

2020 ABU DHABI GP Crystal Score

Verstappen 10 DRIVER
Bottas 8
Hamilton 7
Albon 8
Norris 10
Sainz 9
Ricciardo 9
Gasly 8.5
Ocon 7.5
Stroll 6 REJECT

Kvyat 7
Raikkonen 9
Leclerc 7
Vettel 6.5
Russell 8
Giovinazzi 7
Latifi 7
Magnussen 7
Fittipaldi 7
Perez 8

Hamilton 8/10/10/10/8/10/10/7/10/6/9/10/10/10/9.5/-/7= 144.5/16= 9.03
Verstappen 8/10/10/9/10/10/9/7/7/10/10/8/10/5.5/10/10= 151.5/17= 8.91
Perez 8/9/7/-/-/7/7/6/8/10/9/9/10/9/10/10/8= 127/15= 8.47
Gasly 9/5/7/9/7/9/9/10/6/8/9/10/10/7/10/7/8.5= 140.5/17= 8.26
Ricciardo 7/7/8/10/4/8/9/7/10/9/10/8/10/6/8.5/8.5/9= 139/17= 8.18
Sainz 8/7/8/9/5/9/7/10/7/3/8/9/9/9.5/10/8.5/9= 136/17= 8.00
Leclerc 10/2/7/10/9/8/7/7/9/9/9/10/9/9/8/5/7= 135/17= 7.94
Norris 9/10/6/8/8/7/8/8/8/5/9/5/8/7.5/10/7/10= 133.5/17= 7.85
Raikkonen 7/8/7/5/6/8/9/7/9/7/6/9/10/6.5/7/6/9= 126.5/17= 7.44
Kvyat 7/8/7/7/8/7/7/7/9/9/5/3/10/7/7/9/7= 124/17= 7.29

Ocon 7/7/5/8/9/6/8/7/7/7/7/9/6/6/8/9/7.5= 123.5/17= 7.26
Stroll 7/7/10/6/7/8/8/8/8/7/-/1/6/8/6/8/6= 114/16= 7.125
Russell 9/5/8/8/5/7/7/5/8/6/7/8/5/7/8/10/8= 121/17= 7.12
Vettel 6/6/9/5/3/9/8/7/7/6/6/8/9/9.5/6/6/6.5= 117/17= 6.88
Bottas 10/8/6/7/7/7/8/2/8/8/8/8/8/3/5/5/8= 116/17= 6.82
Magnussen 8/7/10/4/4/7/6/7/6/8/5/6/8/7.5/7/7= 114.5/17= 6.74
Latifi 8/5/3/7/7/7/7/9/6/9/7/5/8/3/6/9/7= 113/17= 6.65
Giovinazzi 7/6/5/8/5/7/3/5/6/9/8/5/8/6.5/7.5/8.5/7= 111.5/17= 6.56
Grosjean 5/6/7/5/5/4/7/8/9/5/9/4/7/6/10/-/-= 97/15= 6.47
Albon 9/6/8/5/7/5/6/1/8/5/1/2/-/7.5/8/6.5/8= 93/16= 5.81

2020 Sahkir Grand Prix CRYSTAL SCORE

Perez 10
Ocon 9
Stroll 8
Sainz 8.5
Ricciardo 8.5
Albon 6.5
Kvyat 9
Norris 7

Gasly 7
Vettel 6
Giovinazzi 8.5
Raikkonen 6
Magnussen 7
Aitken 7
Fittipaldi 7

Latifi 9
Verstappen 6
Leclerc 5

Hamilton 8/10/10/10/8/10/10/7/10/6/9/10/10/10/9.5/-= 137.5/15= 9.17
Verstappen 8/10/10/9/10/10/9/7/7/10/10/8/10/5.5/10= 141.5/16= 8.84
Perez 8/9/7/-/-/7/7/6/8/10/9/9/10/9/10/10= 119/14= 8.50
Gasly 9/5/7/9/7/9/9/10/6/8/9/10/10/7/10/7= 132/16= 8.25
Ricciardo 7/7/8/10/4/8/9/7/10/9/10/8/10/6/8.5/8.5= 130/16= 8.125
Leclerc 10/2/7/10/9/8/7/7/9/9/9/10/9/9/8/5= 128/16= 8.00
Sainz 8/7/8/9/5/9/7/10/7/3/8/9/9/9.5/10/8.5= 127/16= 7.94
Norris 9/10/6/8/8/7/8/8/8/5/9/5/8/7.5/10/7= 123.5/16= 7.72
Raikkonen 7/8/7/5/6/8/9/7/9/7/6/9/10/6.5/7/6= 117.5/16= 7.34
Kvyat 7/8/7/7/8/7/7/7/9/9/5/3/10/7/7/9= 117/16= 7.31

Ocon 7/7/5/8/9/6/8/7/7/7/7/9/6/6/8/9= 116/16= 7.25
Stroll 7/7/10/6/7/8/8/8/8/7/-/1/6/8/6/8= 108/15= 7.20
Russell 9/5/8/8/5/7/7/5/8/6/7/8/5/7/8/10= 113/16= 7.06
Vettel 6/6/9/5/3/9/8/7/7/6/6/8/9/9.5/6/6= 110.5/16= 6.91
Bottas 10/8/6/7/7/7/8/2/8/8/8/8/8/3/5/5= 108/16= 6.75
Magnussen 8/7/10/4/4/7/6/7/6/8/5/6/8/7.5/7/7= 107.5/16= 6.72
Latifi 8/5/3/7/7/7/7/9/6/9/7/5/8/3/6/9= 106/16= 6.625
Giovinazzi 7/6/5/8/5/7/3/5/6/9/8/5/8/6.5/7.5/8.5= 104.5/16= 6.53
Grosjean 5/6/7/5/5/4/7/8/9/5/9/4/7/6/10/-/-= 97/15= 6.47
Albon 9/6/8/5/7/5/6/1/8/5/1/2/-/7.5/8/6.5= 85/15= 5.67